Actualização semanal da Pirataria – 03 Mar a 09 Mar 2011

Weekly Maritime Crime and Piracy Update – Week of 3 March 2011

Maritime Crime and Piracy Summary (source: Office of Naval Intelligence)


  • Trawler was robbed 7 Mar while at anchor off Callao.


  • Fishing trawler was boarded 7 Mar near the ExxonMobil Ubit field.
  • Security vessel was fired upon 4 Mar while underway around the Agbani Barge/Parrot Island area.
  • A chemical tanker was suspiciously approached 3 March approximately 3NM south of the Lagos fairway buoy.


  • A chemical tanker was boarded approximately 12.5NM off Cotonou, Benin.


  • Tug (KMC RHINO) was fired upon 6 Mar approximately 130NM east of Eyl, Somalia.
  • Bulk carrier (CHARIOT) was fired upon 5 Mar approximately 450NM northwest of Minicoy Island, India.
  • Crude oil tanker (GUANABARA) was boarded 5 Mar approximately 328 NM SE of Duqm, Oman.
  • Container ship (CMA CGM MUSSET) was fired upon 4 Mar approximately 600NM SE of Socotra Island, Yemen.
  • Oil products tanker (AEGEA) was fired upon 4 Mar approximately 300NM SE of Masirah Island, Oman.
  • Crude oil tanker (FRONT PRIDE) was fired upon 3 Mar approximately 600NM ESE of Socotra Island, Yemen.
  • Chemical tanker (VOGE DIGNITY) was fired upon 3 Mar approximately 200NM east of Socotra Island, Yemen.


  • Multi-purpose vessel (BRATTINGSBORG) was fired upon 3 Mar approximately 160NM SW of Salalah, Oman.


  • Product tanker was boarded 9 Mar at Tanjung Priok anchorage, Indonesia.


  • Chemical tanker was boarded 8 Mar off of Pulau Mungging, Malaysia.


  • Wood chip carrier was boarded and robbed 7 Mar near the Cai Lan Pilot Station.

Piracy Forcast Summary

Weather conditions are conducive to small boat operations throughout the piracy operating areas. Mariners are advised the Arabian Sea, Somali Basin, Gulf of Aden, and Mozambique Channel are high risk areas for piracy.  When transiting the region, mariners are encouraged to contact UKMTO and all appropriate authorities.

FONTE: gCaptain

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