SAFER SEAS III 2011 : Evento

“ For safer and cleaner seas”

“The Brest métropole océane urban council is working in coordination with the technopôle Brest Iroise science park, and supported by the Pôle Mer marine competitiviness cluster, the European Union, the Brittany regional council and the Finistère general (county) council, to organize the 3rd international Safer Seas event to be held from 10 to 13 May 2011 at the Quartz conference center, devoted to issues of maritime safety and security.

An event designed with an international scope, Safer Seas was granted the High Patronage of the International Maritime Organization [IMO] and of The European Union.

Over the four days, Safer Seas offers a one-of-its-kind, multi-sector approach for institutional stakeholders, operators, and marine and maritime professionals, enterprises and research institutes, and students :

–    theme-based plenary conferences in several languages
–    round-table discussions and feed-back sessions on world-scale experiences
–    specialized workshops
–    a Trade show area, demonstrations and site visits

The 2011 event’s dominant theme is climate change and its stakes for maritime shipping and navigation.

Strand 1 : Policies, regulations, technological innovations & operational means and facilities: progress made for maritime safety since Safer Seas 2007.
Strand 2 : Tomorrow’s maritime safety policies to cope with the climate changes and stakes.
Strand 3 : Geo-strategic context &  maritime safety

Numerous international partners will participate in the debate and share their experiences and perspectives. Finally, Safer Seas will celebrate the maritime ties as well as the politic, economic and scientific cooperations linking Brest and Mexico, more specifically the State of Vera Cruz.

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