Abalroamento – Canal de Kiel

Notícia transcrita de Shipwrecks Log:

At the Holtenau locks of the Kiel Canal, the 17,861 dwt boxship Heinrich Ehler collided with the 4550 dwt freighter Stroombank.   The Heinrich Ehler was heading toward’s the open lock gate.   The Ehler’s master had been warned to wait before proceeding into the lock, but ignored the warnings.  When the Ehler entered the lock, it was going too quickly and there was no room for it to stop.    Thus, the boxship struck the stern of the Stroombank causing considerable damage to the Stroombank.   The master of the Heinrich Ehler was removed and handed over to authorities.    The Stoombank was detained to determine if the vessel was safe to proceed.   The Stoombank was scheduled to Bandirma, Turkey from Holtenauer.  The Heinrich Ehler was allowed to proceed to Rotterdam.  Authorities have asked a medical examination of the Heinrich Ehler to see if Alcohol was a factor.

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